This is the first service in Ukraine that allows you to do good deeds for the bonus points of partner companies.

You can become a client of our partners and with each purchase / transaction, you will be awarded bonus points, which you can send to Good Deeds as Good Bonuses.

You can see the list of partners in the section “Partners” on our website.

After each closed case (Good Deal), all users who participated in the collection of Good Bonuses will receive a photo video and financial report for their work.

Добрые Дела подают нам Благотворительные Организации (список благотворительных организация Вы можете увидеть на нашем сайте , в разделе «Организации» . Совместно с ГО «Черити Тюнер» мы проводим тщательный мониторинг каждого Доброго Дела.

We cooperate with the state corporation "Charity Tuner", which monitors all charitable organizations. And with them, we choose.

Badges is a virtual medal that a user gets for Good Actions on the site.

Participate in Good Deeds and perform Good Tasks and get badges.